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Gah. I took a five hour “nap” and now my sleep schedule’s gonna be even more fucked than usual. Also, I’m stressing way too much over the Dodger series. I need to remind myself that a) we can still make the playoffs, at which point anything can happen. b) The world will not end of we don’t win the Series this year. I’ve been spoiled by two Series wins in the last few years and I need to remember that I loved the team for fifteen years prior to 2010.

Still gonna get that SF logo tattoo as soon as possible after their last game of 2014, whenever that is.

gallant-under-street-lights said: Wait wait do they have a chance of clinching on Tuesday?? I don't think I could handle being there for that.

Yeah it’s possible. In fact, Tuesday is the earliest day they could clinch but they can only do it on Tuesday if we lose both Monday and Tuesday’s games. So, if we win tomorrow, you’re good on Tuesday, even if we lose that game. If we do lose tomorrow, they still have to win on Tuesday and honestly, if Bum’s at his best and we get him a run or two, I like our chances.

The really weird thing is, depending on what the Pirates do, we could possibly clinch a wild card spot during this LA series. I think?


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an important factual presentation by me

All the facts.

No, actually. This is not “all the facts.” This is one of those cases of people getting history wrong in a way that actually detracts from the very valid point they’re making.

Ancient Egyptians were not white. To make a movie about Moses and have Ramses II played by white actor Joel Edgerton? Historically inaccurate. To talk about Nefertiti as white? Historically inaccurate. King Tut?  His grandmother, Queen Tiye, looked like this.

Tiye’s most famous son, Akhenaten, may have had an odd body shape (or was maybe just depicted that way, which is another story) but his facial features look more African than Mediterranean.

Where this infographic goes wrong is to bring Cleopatra into the argument. Cleopatra was not Egyptian, she was Greek. She was actually Cleopatra VII and was member of the Ptolemaic dynasty which was founded by one of Alexander the Great’s Greek generals during the chaos following Alexander’s death.

[To digress and give an example of the timeline we’re dealing with here, Tiye lived from 1398-1338 BCE, Ptolemy I lived from 367-283 BCE and Cleopatra VII lived from 69-30 BCE.]

The Ptolemies took on a lot of Egyptian customs (including the whole brother-sister incest in the ruling family thing) and portrayed themselves, in Egypt, in the static ancient Egyptian art style. However they did not marry actual Egyptians because that would have been beneath them. If Cleopatra’s mother was not Cleopatra V (no one’s 100% sure)  she was probably a princess from one of the other royal families descended from Alexander’s generals.

The carving of Cleopatra in the infographic from the Temple of Dendara and depicts her with her son Caesarion—who, incidentally, was half-Roman. But, since he ruled as Pharaoh with his mother (no incest there because they didn’t do cross-generational incest), he is, like Cleopatra, shown in the ancient style.

This is a bust of Cleopatra done in the Roman/Greek portrait style of her actual time.

This sounds like I’m protesting too much, but here’s the thing: to use a historically inaccurate infographic is actually damaging to the very theory it’s trying to convey. Because it’s so easy to prove that Cleopatra was Greek, it becomes easy to say “well, people who think otherwise don’t know what they’re talking about and are just pushing a PC Agenda.”

And that’s too bad because, as I said above, there’s plenty of actual proof that the true Egyptians of the ancient world—not just the peasants, but the rulers too—were not white.

In short, if you want an infographic that proves your point, use the Tiye bust or the Akhenaten portraits or even the famous Tut mask.

[[Also, when you think about it, the fact that the Greek rulers and Greek aristocracy of Egypt preferred not to marry actual Egyptians and treated them like second class citizens tells you a lot about both the ancient Greek attitude about race and the composition of the actual Egyptian population of the time.It’s reminiscent of the way the British in India didn’t, as a rule, marry Indians.]]

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Do you ever ‘wtf white people’ even though you are a white people.




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The 2006 interview can be heard here.

Additional research from Jane Leavy’s Sandy Koufax: A Lefty’s Legacy (HarperCollins, 2002).

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This was great! And the Leavy book is an all-time favorite read of mine. I definitely recommend it.




#favourite harry potter headcanons

Unofficial Cracked Stars Shining canon: Voldemort totally gave Ginny the sex talk.

Thing I need to remember: I can walk out of the house feeling good about myself with a minimal makeup look. I’m not doing it wrong if I don’t use half the colors from a Naked palette all perfectly layered and blended, and if I don’t use blush and a highlighter and bronzer. It’s okay not to look as good as some beauty guru young enough to be my kid.